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Patina and Finishing

A completed casting must finally be finished. Traditional finishing techniques for non-ferrous metals usually entail the application of hot or cold patinas to achieve a variety of colors and effects. Patinas are chemicals, often acids, that are applied to the surface of the metal in order to oxidize or react with it in a certain way that will create the desired coloration. Patinas of differing varieties may be applied hot or cold and may be combined to create different results. A patinated piece is generally waxed and buffed to protect the finish.

Although patina is the most traditional finishing method we employ, there are a variety of others that we routinely apply to different pieces. These include polishing, powder coating, lacquer and spray finishes and acid etching.

Once a piece is finished, any final assembly (such as mounting on a base, electrical wiring or affixing glass or marble surfaces or upholstery) will be completed and the item is ready for delivery to the client. Below, a hot patina being applied.

Patina and Finishing